Norihiko Oumi
TitleYearInstrumentationDurationSeries TitleCommission
new work for Voxhumana2024Vocal EnsembleVoxhumana
The Centaurus2023Wind Orchestra7min.
Adagio of Sakura river2023Orchestra with 2 kotos10min.
Tropical wonder paradise aerial expedition2023Wind Orchestra10min.
Samurai, the way of life2023Wind Orchestra9min.
A brave tiger appears on dawned earth, in the old folding screen2022Horn and Orchestra15min.
Aquamarine2022Piano5min.The Ores, book1
A hundred and eight sounds of a bell over all pure white...New Year's Eve2021Piano15min.
Japanese sparklers dim light in the twilight of late summer2021Piano8min.
Music of the Word Became Flesh2019Female Vocal Ensemble12min.Female Choir "Akatsuki"
Yose Emaki2018Horn and Piano10min.Hiroshi Kigawa
Royal Apple Tea Concerto2016Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hrn, Pf10min.Zoshigaya Music Council
Réverie sur les couleurs2016Vocal, (Sax), Piano4min.Japan and Belgium Friendship 150 years concert
Midnight Tokyo Cruising2016Sax solo and Tape13min.Maximum
Midnight Parallel Tokyo Beyond Cloud2016Orchestra10min.
Coros from the Play by Samuel Becket(Theatre music)20162 woman, 1 man3min.SOKAI Salon
What Mr. Sokabe was yesterday2015Echo Cornet, Gtr12min.Kiyonori Sokabe
parallel edge, isolated vertex, self-loop(4, 28, 71)2015Fixed Orchestra(3033,3300,perc-adlib.,10vln,6vla,8vlc,6db) with graph art projection14min.
Garnet(à Kayo Takachio)2015Piano solo3min.The Ores, book1
Platinum(à Yuya Sudo)2015Piano solo3min.The Ores, book1
Sapphire(à Emiko Miura)2015Piano solo3min.The Ores, book1
il sokandabe artigianato2015Trp, Perc ad lib.12min.アンサンブル・コンテンポラリーα
Khon-mXahuvona2014Vocal ensemble(5 female, 5 male)8min.ヴォクスマーナ
Drop82014Vln, Vla10min.
nMktaanaAous2013Piano solo9min.
Blue eyes2013Vocal and Piano5min.Song of a dayMasato Inoue
Song of a day2013Vocal and Piano4min.Song of a dayMasato Inoue
Khon-masala for ensemble20122BsFl,Ob,Bsn,2Hrn,PicTrp,Vln,Vla12min.
C&T*2012Fl, Vln10min.
Drop62012Fl, Vln, Vlc9min.
nkuiyenkissimo!2011/15Fl, Cl, Hrn, Trp, 2Vln8min.
Aperitivo!!2011Cl, Perc, Pf, Vln, Vlc7min.Contemporary Kitchen
wormn-va*2010fl, pf6min.
Khonrioi II2008Piano quintet5min.
Khonrioi I2007Wind quintet16min.

* are deleted by composer