Norihiko Oumi
Future Concerts

♫ 2024/7/16 19:00~ @Toyosu Civic Center Hall(Tokyo, Japan) Voxhumana 52th Concert Commissioned Premiere


Born in 1984, Tokyo. Graduated Tokyo College of Music Composition Master.
Studied in each classes of Beat Furrer, Toshio Hosokawa, Shinichiro Ikebe, Tomiko Kohjiba, Yutaka Fujiwara. Also studied Piano in class of prof. Junko Fukamachi and Japanese Biwa in class of Yukio Tanaka.
Won the prizes of 6th Tokyo College of Music President Prize and Nagoya Cultural Prize 2010. Also received the 6th Saji Keizo Prize as a one of the composers.
Selected as one of the semi prizes of Obun-Sha artistic contest 2002 and Takefu Composition Competition 2006.
From 2010, he works for Tokyo College of Music as a researcher.
In 2012, founded Tokyo Ensemnable Factory, a contemporary music ensemble. Now he is the Musical Director and Manager of the ensemble.
From 2015, he works for Tokyo College of Music as a lecturer.

Past Concerts(*still in editing)
2019.12 〈Composition/Commissioned/WorldPremire〉『Music of the Word Becom Flesh』("Akatsuki" Female Vocal Choir @JT Art Hall)
2018.7 〈Composition/Commissioned/WP〉『Yose Emaki』(Tokyo Spring Festival @Ueno Forest Museum)
2018.7 〈Composition/Commissioned/WP〉『Royal Apple Tea Concerto』(Scripture of Apple @Yoyogi Libro Hall)
2017.3 〈Composition〉「Khon-mXahuvona」Vox-humana the 37nd Concert (@Tokyo Bunka Kaikan)
2016.11 〈World Premier〉『new work
2016.10.29 〈Composition/Commissioned/WP〉『Reverie sur les couleurs』soprano, sax, piano(150th anniversary of Japan and Belgium diplomatic relations @JT Art Hall 19pm~)
2016.10 〈Composition/WP〉new work』sax and electonic(@Sonorium)
2016.10.5 〈Produce〉Tokyo Ensemnable Factory vol.7「Music of Misato Mochizuki vol.1 ~Chamber Music~」(@Suginami Kokaido Small Hall 19pm~)
2016.5.4 〈Composition/Theatre music〉Sokai Salon "Coros" from "Play" by Samuel Becket(@d-Souko(Nippoli, Tokyo) 14pm or 19pm)
2016.2.5 〈Produce〉Tokyo Ensemnable Factory vol.6「Italian and Japanese composer's try」(@Shibuya Cultural Center Densho Hall 19pm~)
2015.12.15 〈Composition〉『nkuiyenkissimo!2011/15)』for ensemble cond.Robert HP Platz, Contemporary music ensemble of Wuerzburg Hochschule für Musik(@Kammermusiksaal, Wuerzburg Hochschule für Musik)
2015.12.10 〈Composition/Commissioned/WP〉『Mr. Sokabe was yesterday』for Echo Cornet and Guitar Duo Recital of Kiyonori Sokabe and Gaku Yamada(@Ryogoku MONTEN Hall, Tokyo)
2015.6.24 〈Composition/Commissioned/WP〉『il sokandabe artigianato』for Trumpet and Percussion ad lib. Ensemble Contemporaryα Recital Series vol.23 Kiyonori Sokabe(trp.)  Keiko Kanda(perc.) Duo Recital(@Keyaki Hall, Tokyo)
2014.3.30 〈Composition/Commissioned/WP〉『Khon-mXahuvona』per vokalensemble cond.Ryuta Nishikawa Vox-humana the 30rd Concert(@Tokyo Bunka Kaikan small hall)
2012.12.5 〈Composition/WP〉『Drop8』 Tokyo Ensemnable Factory vol.1 fl:Daiske Kinoshita、vln:Yoshu Kamei(@Bunkyo Sibik Small Hall, Tokyo)
2012.8.17 〈Composition/WP〉『Drop6』 at No-Habatsu! vol1 fl:Junichiro Taku, vln:Gen Takeuchi, vlc:Kei Yamazawa(@Concert salon of Nippori Sunny Hall, Tokyo)